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Vacuums for inside and outside

If you're working on a building site, chances are you have a lot to be cleaned up and you'll need a durable piece of equipment to withstand all the elements.


Our vacuum cleaners are built for this purpose, so you won't find any problems with their strength, or have any difficulty operating them.

Looking for industrial vacuum cleaners? Contact us on:

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Industrial vacuum cleaners for safety and efficiency

If you're dealing with hazardous materials, you'll need specialist industrial vacuum cleaners to suitably dispose of the potentially explosive and hazardous dusts. Or, if you need deep cleaners and stain removers for hotels or offices, you can find them in our range too.


Our industrial vacuum cleaners

• Forecourt vacuum cleaners

• Compact single-phase wet and dry vacuums

• Single-phase wet and dry vacuums

• Three-phase wet and dry vacuums

• Industrial health and safety wet and dry

• Carpet cleaning vacuums

• Inside and outside use

• All Nilfisk-ALTO products

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