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Cleaning for all floor types

Whether the floor you need cleaning is inside or outside, you can find cleaning equipment for both in our extensive range.


You can buy equipment for polishing, sanitary care and high pressure cleaning for agriculture, farming, car dealers and more.

For industrial floor cleaning machines, contact us on:

01771 613 409

Industrial floor cleaning machines to shorten any task

If you've got a large floor space at your building, it can be quite a daunting task to clean all that space efficiently and thoroughly. Our expert floor cleaning machines are designed for simple cleaning, to help save you time and effort.

Our floor cleaning machines


• Scrubber dryers

• Sweepers

• Floor polishers

• Floor burnishers

• Carpet cleaning machines

• Steam cleaners

• Walk behind and ride-on sweepers


Floor Cleaning Machine Floor Cleaning Machine Floor Cleaning Machine Floor cleaning system being used in a factory